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Pilates Body Conditioning West London

Pilates Instruction with The Conscious Body

Dramatically transform the way your body feels and performs.  Whether your looking to improve your posture or rehabilitate from pain or injury, or are looking to improve your athletic ability, enhance your sporting performance and improve gains, The Conscious Body studio will guide you to achieve great results.  Taking a holistic contemporary approach to teaching and harnessing knowledge from athletics, fitness, dance and Pilates, The Conscious Body Studio will support and nurture you through your development to find your new level of fitness.


You're in safe hands. 


Pilates London

Mat Pliates


Matwork can be done anywhere with enough floor space to move and stretch out safely on the floor. 


Matwork offers core strengthening, flexibility, improved posture, more efficient muscle movement, toning, mind/body connection and more. It provides a foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits and being the ultimate in core workouts, matwork will teach you the fundamental Pilates movement techniques.  Matwork uses the the body's own weight and resistance but can incorporate small equipment such as weights, band and balls.  Whether an absolute beginner, recovering from injury or already serious athlete, matwork provides great benefits.

Classes are offered in person, or  online, in private or in a group. Click below to book online or send an enquiry from the contact page to discuss classes by arrangement.

Reformer Pilates


Reformer Pilates offers all the same benefits of toning, flexibility, better posture, more efficient muscle movement and mind/body connection, but in a more powerful dynamic workout by using resistance apparatus. The equipment known as a reformer is a platform with a carriage that moves back and forth, attached to a variety of weighted springs and pulleys which provide resistance. Whether laying, kneeling, sitting or standing on the platform movements involve pushing or pulling the platform against the adjustable spring tension. Classes are by arrangement on a 1 to1 basis in Kensington.  Click below to send a booking enquiry.  

Pilates Class on Reformers
Pilates Group Mat Class West London

Special Group Mat classes - Corporate exercise classes & workshops


Are you in need of an exercise program for health and wellbeing? Pilates is a great way to deliver support to your teams in helping to keep active and relaxed, alleviate stress, improve posture, address back pain issues and more.

Classes can be provided at your office, gym, community centre or event location by arrangement including mixed ability, over 50's, armchair Pilates, pre-natal Pilates and athletic conditioning. 

Click below to send an enquiry and arrange a class.

Alda James The Conscious Body Studio

About Us

The Conscious Body Studio provides Pilates services in west and central London.  Professional, relaxed and friendly instruction under personalized guidance.  We exist to provide you with specialised instruction that holistically supports your body and builds a solid foundation for your personal fitness growth.


I have a long experience of practicing Pilates, Yoga, Chi Gong, Feldenkreis and Alexander techniques.  In the last few years I have been attending Pilates classes with Alda and her teaching has inspired me to stay with Pilates as my prefered method. 


Alda is an excellent teacher. Her passion for Pilates is contagious and her precision and attention to details are phenomenal. I am benefiting greatly from my work with Alda - in strengthening my core, improving my posture and releasing muscle tightness.  

Shelley Assiter,  Psychotherapist

‘I took up Pilates, after suffering from years of back and shoulder pain. The difference since I started has been incredible: my posture, strength, balance, flexibility and alignment have improved beyond belief.

The daily back pain I used to experience has completely gone.

It is amazing how expertly Alda builds progression; she models and explains the technique thoroughly to ensure that the exercises are done correctly. I can’t thank her enough for her commitment and care. Alda is a phenomenal teacher and great fun too. I highly recommend!’

Katie S, Hammersmith

I practiced Taekwondo for many years, and have always had a good fitness regime through the gym and cycling, but since taking up private Pilates  classes with Alda I've seen a huge improvement to my core fitness.  Alda is really thorough; she assessed my posture and took a personal history then designed a program specifically for me.  Our sessions are really challenging and I really enjoy them.

Jonathan, Chiswick

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