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My Story

Alda James Pilates London

The Conscious Body Studio is a concept of Alda James, that embraces a holistic approach to Pilates.

Pilates is a mind/body/spirit exercise method, and, embracing this perspective, classes with Alda seek to empower participants  to learn about their own body; to learn how to approach exercise  safely in the most beneficial way to that individual body. 

A friendly, knowledgeable, and empathetic instructor,  Alda is skilled in coaching and mentoring to help others achieve their best.  Patient and professional in the approach of delivering solid Pilates instruction through sound teaching strategies and demonstration.

As a former athlete and professional dancerAlda is experienced in a range of exercise disciplines with a wealth of knowledge in remedial and wellbeing activities.  Trained in fitness, dance, massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and Pilates, Alda uses contemporary anatomy and physiology teachings of the current biomechanical principles of healthy body alignment, combined with a passion for movement and desire to help others achieve their optimum. 

" I've always loved movement.  I was that child in all the sports teams. I adored running and I adored dancing and this continued throughout me teens with athletic competitions and professional dance work.   Injured in a road traffic accident that cut short my dance career, and where running was no longer possible,  Pilates has served me well in rehabilitation from 3 major surgeries.

I  recovered with the help of both physiotherapy - which got me back on my feet, and Pilates which gave me my athleticism back.   Through regular participation in Pilates I have recovered a supple strength, balance and increased range of movement.

 I am passionate about the benefits of Pilates to core strength, spinal rehabilitation, stress relief, relaxation, increased body awareness, improved posture, muscle conditioning, athletic performance enhancement and more.  Through The Conscious Body Studio approach I am committed to helping others benefit, and achieve, what is also possible for them."



Matwork  and Reformer.

Armchair Pilates, flexion free Pilates, light equipment, matwork programming for osteoporosis and scoliosis, knee stabilisation, hip strength and stability, common back conditions, pre-natal for mat, athletic conditioning, beyond the biomechanical principles.

Public liability insured.


If you are new to Pilates I advise booking some 1-2-1 sessions to start your Pilates journey.  Or why not pop along to one of my group sessions?  I will work with you to give you a solid foundation in the Pilates technique and help you develop and progress. 

If you are an experienced Pilates participant, in need of remedial work or seeking to enhance your sporting performance, I look forward to helping you improve your gains.

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